Posted on May 07, 2013

What I Learned From A 98-Year-Old Guest

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98-years-old on a Canton Food Tour? I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I walked up to Pat to introduce myself and he handed me a sticker.  It was small and shiny.  I put the sticker on my shirt near my logo and it sparkled in the sun. That’s when I noticed he had “blinged” himself and others in the group.  This was going to be fun. The rest of the group soon joined us, we piled in the van, and were off.  First stop was Ben Heggy’s Chocolate Company.  Boy did it smell good when we opened the door.  As our group selected chocolates, Pat remarked, “I remember when those chocolate covered marshmallows were a penny”.  Everyone laughed. Basil Asian Bistro was next.  Pat slurped up the Asian noodles while others in the group were more picky.  Before we left, I noticed that restaurant owner, Tony Ly, had been “blinged” too.  After Basil it was on to Hazel Artisan Bakery. I enjoyed listening to the group chat, reminisce, and laugh together.  Chef Lonnie Ball placed scrumptious dessert platters down, two with lit candles, celebrating two Birthdays in the group, the reason for the tour.  The girls laughed. In between...

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