Posted on Apr 29, 2014

The Farmer and The Businessman: A Study In Opposites

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On a drizzly grey morning we pulled into Mud Run Farm. Sarah and I were developing a series of Farm-To-Table tours that focus on local farmers and restaurants that use in-season local foods. Later that day we had a meeting scheduled with Ken Bogucki, Proprietor and Executive Chef of The Wooster Inn. We continued up the hill to a small brick farmhouse, popped the trunk and traded “regular” shoes for boots.  We figured the farm had the word mud in its title for a reason. At the front door we were greeted with a hurried Alex who was in deep conversation on the phone. He gestured that he would be out in a minute.  We said, “no problem!” and plopped down on the stoop. Here we took the beautiful view of the farm and small valley below us.  The morning sun popped through the clouds and lit up the pond. Farm equipment, outbuildings and black squares of recently tilled soil spilled across the hills before us. Birds chirped and frogs sang. We certainly didn’t mind waiting here. Alex stepped out and apologized for being on the phone. The conversation was about purchasing chickens, and it didn’t end well.  “He...

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