Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Reflecting On “Time Well Spent”

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“Time spent together is time well spent” is an adage that didn’t sink for most of us until we were unable to physically be close to friends, family, colleagues. We look forward to hosting your “reunion” gathering when Stark County businesses open up. A food tour is fun for a birthday, anniversary, or other “event”, but sometimes it’s perfect to simply celebrate time together.  Four hours of eating, drinking, laughing, talking, and being together. Time together is indeed, time well spent.  See you on a tour!  ...

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

How Many Chefs Does It Take To Make A Food Tour?

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Like soup on a slow simmer or wine in barrels aging, a food tour starts long before you walk through the door and say “hello”. Food tours can be found in over 200 cities in the U.S., last around three hours and can be complex for many reasons, first and foremost because they involve, well….. food. Small plates served shortly after the group is seated at multiple restaurant stops takes coordination, planning, and timing. And many people. Aside from chefs preparing awesome plates of yumminess, there are so many other people who make a food tour what it is. The restaurant host/hostess who takes the reservation and makes sure there is a place set aside for us. The staff who set up our spot the day we arrive. The manager or owner who visits the table during a busy night to greet our group. The chef, who not only prepares and plates the food, but often emerges from the kitchen to greet visitors with a smile, tells them about the dish and answers questions. Then there’s the wait staff who refill water glasses and take drink orders. And finally the someone or someones who whisk away our dirty dishes...

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