Stark County Food Book


Only $15.00 when purchased direct through Canton Food Tours

Co-authored by Barb Abbott, Canton Food Tours founder, and Kim Kenney, Executive Director of the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum.  Discover amazing stories behind well-known restaurants, growers, and families in Stark County who have made a distinct impact in food and tourism industries.

The Jacob family of Bender’s Tavern, Miller family of Hartville Kitchen, and Swaldo family of Gervasi Vineyard. Producers such as Brewster Cheese, Biery Cheese, K.W. Zellers, and Minerva Diary.  Early photos of farms, restaurants, and advertisements make it a fun coffee table book.

Important Notes

If you want to pick it up in person at the Canton Food Tours storefront, 555 Market Ave N in downtown Canton, email or call 330-495-0929.

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