Dinner With The President

Dinner With The President | 6:00-8:00pm | Wed March 30th


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This one-of-a-kind dinner is a fundraiser for the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum.

Bender’s Tavern, in conjunction with Canton Food Tours, sets the scene and menu.  Inspired by the 1897 Inaugeral Ball of President McKinley, the dinner is inspired by the original menu with appropriate and delicious twists by the talented chefs at Bender’s Tavern.

The menu is a delightful combination of past inspiration and modern palate pleasers. Waitstaff will sometimes serve as they would have in the early 1900’s and discussion will take place as to historic menus and serving styles vs. how we eat today.

Christopher Kenney, McKinley Museum Education Director, who portrays William McKinley, dines with us so that we can interact and enjoy “dinner with the President”. We hear from the President throughout the evening


President William McKinley

Cost includes multi-course meal at Bender’s Tavern including dessert, taxes, and restaurant staff gratuity. Alcoholic beverages (or other beverages) may be ordered on your own.

Parking: Parking is available at Bender’s Tavern

Payment: If paying by credit card, register at link above. If paying by check, make check ($85.00/person) payable to Canton Food Tours and mail to: Canton Food Tours, 555 Market Ave N, Canton, Oh 44702. Proceeds go directly to the McKinley Museum.

Inaugural Ball Menu 1897

Inaugural Ball Menu 1897

Food allergies? Let us know by emailing Barb@CantonFoodTours.com in advance of the event. On-the-spot accomodations cannot be made.

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