Springtime Fun In Downtown Canton

STOP #1: DeliOhio: View the menu online, call ahead, then pick up your delicious lunch items. Options include a great lineup of sandwiches, salads, and select desserts. Fresh and tasty.

#2: Stadium Park and Stark Parks Walking Path: Head west on Tuscarawas Street and turn right on Elgin Street.  You may catch the weeping cherry trees along the river in full bloom. If you see pink, pull over into the small lot on the right and let the kids run underneath the big hanging blossoms. Unpack the food.  It’s like having lunch in a pink teepee.  

Let the kids run, climb the trees, then get them back in the car and head north. Stop at the McKinley Monument to walk the steps and view the amazing architecture. Or follow the road and park at any one of the numerous lots. Take a stroll along the walking paths.


STOP #3: Taggart’s Ice Cream Parlor is just a few blocks up the road. Handmade in small batches, this delicious ice cream, served in a quaint, fun setting (booths and tables on one side or parlor tables on the other) is a nice way to cap off your day downtown.

For everything you need to know view these websites:

DeliOhio   Taggarts Ice Cream   McKinley Monument

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