Photo Shoot with Food – Messy and Fun!

When our friends at A Studio suggested a photo shoot for the Flavors of Canton Contest, I thought, “Cool!”….So Saturday afternoon I walked into the studio and began chatting with friends. Suddenly I heard clicking in the background. “Who was up first?” I wondered as I swiveled my head.

There was Cindee, crouched on the floor, snapping away at the stars of the show: A trio of cupcakes ready for their close-up. All decked out, icing swirled high set in a beehive, sprinkles a-sparkle in the flash of camera bulb. Next was the pie, feeling ever so UN-ugly that day (Rachel’s Ugly Pies). Cherry glaze poked through the lattice, determined to get equal time next to the scene-stealing flaky golden crust.

Finally it was our turn, mere mortals up against the deliciousness of chocolate cake, fruit filling, and every variation of sugar imaginable. How would we rate? Posing with the creations was a lesson in patience, but soon out came the forks. Oh yes……The darlings looked great – but how did they taste?

Mmmmmm-Mmmmmm good!

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