Healthy Take-Out Dining Tips

Basil Noodles

Mindful choices make a difference 

Supporting restaurants during COVID-19 is important, but it’s easy to watch the numbers go up on the scale. Enjoy your favorite foods while keeping extra pounds in check with these tips:

  1. Slow the Sauce: Don’t smother your food. A lot of take-outs put sauce in a separate container which makes it easier to monitor amounts. That puts it on you to slow the pour. Don’t immediately tip the dressing container upside down and dump the whole thing out. Not at first anyway.  Some sauces are integrated into the main dish during baking or cooking, and can’t be separated. This brings us to tip #2.
  2. Portion Control: Don’t eat straight from the container. Pretty soon you’ll be scraping the bottom. Plate your take-out meal by putting a portion of it on a dish, and maybe even add some other healthy foods from your own fridge (veggies, a healthy side). Keep the rest in the box and out of sight. Bonus – You’ll have some for tomorrow.
  3. Color and Variety: Eat a little bit of a lot of different foods. Instead of one giant burger and a pile of fries sitting in your stomach, order the burger and fries, but also add a salad, other veggies, and maybe some fruit. If what you are about to eat is all various shades of brown, add color, which typically means vegetables.
  4. Intuitive Eating: Eat what you want, when you want, then stop. If you’re craving a salty snack mid-afternoon, go for it. If dessert sounds good that day, dig in. Maybe not the entire pie, but enough to make your taste buds say, “Thank you! That was awesome.” Then put the fork down.  And leave it there.
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