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Becoming a Canton Food Tours partner can mean exposure for your restaurant, arts venue or business.  Our tour partners greet tour guests, offer delicious plates and tastings, provide artistic, culture, or historic perspective, or offer other support for our tours.

In the first year (2012) we found that 97% of those who came on a tour “live within an hour’s drive of Canton”.  That was a great percentage because our ultimate goal is for those who take a tour to return and shop/eat on their own (and bring friends).  They did.  In our second year of operation we saw a 73% growth rate and have been growing every year since. We also see return guests who brought different friends and family with them, as well as more visitors who are new to our area.

What do our visitors say?  View recent TripAdvisor comments HERE

What do our tour partners say? 

  • John Strauss, Furniture Designer, Owner of Elemental Arts Gallery:  “CFT has consistently brought into our store well qualified potential customers for hand crafted items and furniture. The type of person on the food tour tends to be adventurous of spirit and interested in culture and has some disposable income. We have had several customers who have returned either days or months later from their food tour to shop in our store. We also do not do standard advertising so the CFT is one of our best ways of getting the word out in a targeted and effective manner.”
  • Scott Swaldo, General Manager, Gervasi Vineyard: “Gervasi Vineyard is excited to partner with Barb and Canton Food Tours as it allows us to introduce our property to new potential customers we might not otherwise connect with.    We have found that the participants are eager to learn about our business and because they have an interest in food and wine, it gives us a unique opportunity to showcase what we have to offer to a captive audience.  Additionally, many of the tour guests have stayed on our property patronizing our business following the tour and better yet, many have returned on their own, stayed in our Villas, dined in our restaurant, etc.  Partnering with Canton Food Tours is just “good business”…its good for growing our customer base while also promoting what our community has to offers.”
  • Tony Ly, Owner/Manager, Basil Asian Bistro:  “Canton Food Tours has been a great avenue for bringing new faces into our restaurant.  There is nothing better than to have guests come back over and over after visiting for the first time on a tour.  We look forward to being a key stop on many more tours to come.”

Even if you are not a stop on our tours every time, your brochures, special offers and future discounts can be included in the tour goodie bag that goes home with every guest.

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By becoming a partner with Canton Food Tours, you get to introduce local tour-goers and visitors alike to your food, your passion and your products.

How does it work?  Simple:  If you are a food or drink provider, we pay you for the food or drink, you showcase your restaurant, our guests return on their own!

If you are interested in becoming a tour partner and learning more about promoting your business, please complete the brief form below and we’ll be in contact shortly.

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