Corks And Forks: Progressive Wine Tour

Corks And Forks are held on the following Tuesday evenings beginning at 5:30pm:                                                                        

Oct 18, and Nov 15

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Corks and Forks is a collaboration between The Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, Lucca’s Downtown, Onesto Historic Lofts, Elevage Wine Advisors, and Canton Food Tours.

This one-of-a-kind tour takes you through amazing spaces, is wine education focused, and offers behind-the-scenes experiences not open to the public.
candfloftsniffWe start at the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography.  Grab a glass of sparkling wine and stroll around the expansive gallery.  Dave Baloun, a seasoned wine educator tells us what he is pouring.  Gallery owner Tim Belden gives us a tour of the re-purposed building and amazing photography collection.  Next we step behind the scenes, enjoy appetizers, and get into wine education a little deeper.

At Lucca’s Downtown we enjoy a delicious seasonal meal created just for us, appropriately paired with wine.

The Onesto Hotel is full of intrigue. Now open to the public for events, enjoy your tour through this repurposed building. You will be able to walk through the main level and visit a suite if one is available. We bring you up to speed on the renovations occurring at the adjacent Bliss Tower. Enjoy delectable desserts at our final stop.


Corks And Forks is $75.00/person.  Ticket price includes a progressive dinner and guided city tour, appetizers and wine (3 different kinds) at our first stop, dinner at Lucca’s Downtown (2 glasses of wine at Lucca’s), taxes, dessert at Onesto, and a take-home goodie bag.  Gratuity not included. Space is limited for each event. Secure your spot below!

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